January 2014



The story so far.

I was an early adopter of the Pi Camera board and got one pretty quick after release. Played about with it quite a bit at first.
I did a little python, tried a time lapse, etc. Then I stopped using it for a while. Now I've picked it up again I've broken component 'C1' off the board. I was mounting the board with metal bolt and nut. The nut caught it and ripped it off. The camera still functions without it, but is probably suffering some kind of picture interference, but you can barely tell the difference, well I can't anyway. I did remove and replace the IR filter. I also had to bore the holes out a little to fit the bolts I had.

After all that the camera has been through it still works, which impresses me


tough little thing this camera

My new wheels

My New Wheels

My new wheels, an Electric Scooter, I'm thinking of pimping it out with a Rpi at the centre of things.
then again my long term plans involve an exoskeleton to help me walk again.


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Another Raspberry Pi site


Not another website about Raspberry Pi, I'm sure everyone's thinking, but there's always room for one more I reckon. I'm reasonably new to Raspberry Pi and linux. However I've been using a computer of some kind or another for about 29 years. I was that little boy, the one who'd rather take his toys apart to see how they work than play with them. I've worked for HP for the last 10 years or so, except when I've been off sick, which has been quite a long time. I intend to put as much of my experience and experiences to come into this website and I'm looking for similar minded ppl to help with the site. I'm based at Durham if there's any other Raspberry Pi fans in the area maybe we could meetup to exchange ideas, etc. Here's the current incarnation of my Pi. I've attached my picam to this USB LED light. It gives great flexibility for the cam as well as supplying light for your pics and vids.