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March 2014

The Plan

  1. Learn what I can about:

    • Robotics

      • Cybot 

        • ​​I have a lot of Cybot and Tom gear, always planned to replace the inards with a Raspberry Pi. This will be a good learning exercise.


    • Electronics

      • Raspberry Pi
        • Let's say that I have quite a lot of theoretical experience with Raspberry Pi as I've read a lot about it and have tried one or two of the projects. I found them to be reasonably challenging, just difficult enough to keep you interested. But once done, easily done again.


Reading list

I've been really busy recently so have not had time to work on this.
I guess I should start a list of useful links, a sort of to do list or even reading list.

Timelapse or Motion Detection set up

Here's my setup for time lapse/motion detection

Physical Setup

A couple of holes drilled in the right places to mount the camera and a couple more for the power switch. Because of the size or length of my battery pack with a USB cable pluged in I had to hack the USB cable so it bends 90 degrees on the end that fits into the battery pack. If I did not do this I would not get the lid on.

Pi Setup

Mostly done by other people, I use http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/tag/time-lapse  TimeLapse.py  and  http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/tag/motion-detection  MotionDetect.py. I've been trying to get the python programs to auto start and have followed several sets of instructions on the internet all with no luck. Will keep trying of course.