The Plan

  1. Learn what I can about:

    • Robotics

      • Cybot 

        • ​​I have a lot of Cybot and Tom gear, always planned to replace the inards with a Raspberry Pi. This will be a good learning exercise.


    • Electronics

      • Raspberry Pi
        • Let's say that I have quite a lot of theoretical experience with Raspberry Pi as I've read a lot about it and have tried one or two of the projects. I found them to be reasonably challenging, just difficult enough to keep you interested. But once done, easily done again.


      • Arduino
        • ​​No experience with arduino as of yet, but it's on my list.


    • Programming

      • I'm not a bad programer, but still have a lot to learn. If I am to use a Raspberry Pi, I will most certainly have to get better at:
        • Python 


        • shell script
    • 3D printing

      • I think that eventually, if not already you will be able to 3D print most of the parts needed to create an exoskeleton. Hopefully I'll be able to download the files too.