The Plan

  1. Learn what I can about:

    • Robotics

      • Cybot 

        • ​​I have a lot of Cybot and Tom gear, always planned to replace the inards with a Raspberry Pi. This will be a good learning exercise.


    • Electronics

      • Raspberry Pi
        • Let's say that I have quite a lot of theoretical experience with Raspberry Pi as I've read a lot about it and have tried one or two of the projects. I found them to be reasonably challenging, just difficult enough to keep you interested. But once done, easily done again.


      • Arduino
        • ​​No experience with arduino as of yet, but it's on my list.


    • Programming

      • I'm not a bad programer, but still have a lot to learn. If I am to use a Raspberry Pi, I will most certainly have to get better at:
        • Python 


        • shell script
    • 3D printing

      • I think that eventually, if not already you will be able to 3D print most of the parts needed to create an exoskeleton. Hopefully I'll be able to download the files too.

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Its been a little while since I had time to do anything on here, but I fear that, that will be the case mostly.
I've been and bought myself a 3D printer and have been playing with it for a few days now and am slowly getting the hang of it. It's been a while since I played with 3D modeling software, but it sort of all came back to me. 

3D Printer

I bought the Cubify Cube 2nd Generation after doing a fair bit of research I found it to be sturdy and reliable, and Cubify seems to be a well established forerunner in the 3D printing world. The main drawback though is the price on the cartridges. However I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to re-fill them. Its easy enough to get hold of big spools of fillament on ebay, just need to figure out what electronics are in the cartridge and how I can reset it to full after filling it.

3D Software

You would think that after forking out £600 you would think that Cubify would include 3D modeling software with the printer. They do however offer 3 versions of 3D software as follows:

  • Cubify Invent for £32
  • Cubify Design for £129
  • Cubify Sculpt for £79

I think the choice of software should reflect the skill level of the purchaser, however in my case I have to choose my software based on price, my favourite price being £0.00. Thats why I've been checking out some of the open source applications, testing them out, see if they support the correct file types for my printer, how easy to use the software, and once I've done all this I should have gained a little knowledge agout the subject. I'll also try the 3 offerings from Cubify as I do get a 14 day trial on each. I suspect I will not find anything that will lift them above the OS 3D software. If however they work fantastic, and especially as they were developed for my printer, if it's worth the money or not is the question. I'm guessing open source will be just as good, but you never know. I've already tried a couple of apps, but I think I'll list which one's I'm gonna try, so that I don't get carried away and keep trying different software forever.

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