Penis Rings - Man's Best Friend...or Worst Enemy

Sex can be speedy and simple, little more than two bodies and a bit of privacy. But many couples enjoy spicing up regular intercourse by trying new sex toy review - https://shadwan56.tumblr.com toys between the sheets. These nifty little instruments can add intensely pleasurable sensations to lovemaking, enhancing the experience for both partners. But sex toys may also cause damage. One of the most popular, yet risky, toys on the market is the penis ring: a small hoop that a man places around the base of his penis to achieve a stronger erection. Knowing how to use these rings safely can prevent a night of steamy sex from ending with an emergency trip to the hospital's intensive penis care unit.

A Bit of Support

Penis rings are designed to trap blood within the chambers of the penis. This causes the penis to become dramatically engorged, erect, and very sensitive to touch. As a welcome bonus, the clenching action of a penis ring can keep an erection from fading away: allowing the average man to "last" substantially longer than he normally would during lovemaking. A penis ring can offer enormous benefits for men who have experienced difficulty achieving and maintaining erections, as well as for their lovers. With a ring in the right place, both partners can enjoy more satisfying sexual encounters on a regular basis.

A Hidden Danger

Unfortunately, pleasure sometimes comes at a price, and when it comes to penis rings, that price could be the health and function of a man's penis.

When a man achieves an erection naturally, blood flows in and out of his penis after a few minutes of activity. That's how the human body regulates itself. But when blood is trapped in the penis through the use of a penis ring, the trapped blood can become depleted of oxygen and vital nutrients. This may leave the penis cells starved of the elements they need in order to replenish themselves.

Even worse, blood that's not allowed to flow freely tends to clot and clump. The cells become sticky and they cling together for support. This can lead several penis tissue injuries, including

* Tiny bruises
* Burst blood vessels
* Patches of discoloration
* Pockets of cell death

Reasonable Use
A penis ring is best worn for only a few minutes at a time. After a short period of activity, a man should briefly examine his penis for any signs of bruising or discoloration. It's very important that the man actually looks at the penis. During episodes of arousal, the human body sometimes mutes pain signals, meaning that a man could be doing damage to his member without realizing that anything is wrong.

Keeping a timer nearby is another effective way of monitoring the penis during penis ring play. After all, time tends to fly by when a man is engaged in some happy thrusting. Try setting the timer for short intervals, inspecting the penis between each interval, and possibly removing the penis ring briefly to allow the penis tissue several seconds to relax and recover.

A bigger, stronger penis ring erection might cause the penis tissues to become overstretched and chafed. Such conditions can be soothed by a quick rinse with warm water, followed by the application of a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products can nourish distressed penile tissue cells, restoring them to their optimal level of health and function. Penis health creams can also help soften and soothe any skin that might be tender after rough-and-tumble sex involving toys.


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