The Plan

The Plan (cont.)

Its been a little while since I had time to do anything on here, but I fear that, that will be the case mostly.
I've been and bought myself a 3D printer and have been playing with it for a few days now and am slowly getting the hang of it. It's been a while since I played with 3D modeling software, but it sort of all came back to me. 

3D Printer

The Plan

  1. Learn what I can about:

    • Robotics

      • Cybot 

        • ​​I have a lot of Cybot and Tom gear, always planned to replace the inards with a Raspberry Pi. This will be a good learning exercise.


    • Electronics

      • Raspberry Pi
        • Let's say that I have quite a lot of theoretical experience with Raspberry Pi as I've read a lot about it and have tried one or two of the projects. I found them to be reasonably challenging, just difficult enough to keep you interested. But once done, easily done again.


Reading list

I've been really busy recently so have not had time to work on this.
I guess I should start a list of useful links, a sort of to do list or even reading list.

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